R Tutorials

Introduction to R and R Markdown

These first two lessons are super basic introductions to R and RMarkdown.

Quantitative Analysis

In this module, students work through a public opinion dataset (specifically, just four variables from the 2012 American National Election Study) to learn how to conduct basic statistical analysis in R. While this specific order is generally recommended for a full introductory course on quantitative analysis, each lesson stands alone and does not need to be completed in order.

Dataset for all lessons: anes_2012.csv

Codebook: READ ME

Homeworks, Exercises, and Exams

If you are an instructor and want to see my homework assignments, in-class exercises with practice questions, or exams with answer keys, feel free to email me. I'm happy to share.

More to come ?

I've also taught and created other lessons in R, including advanced regression models, experimental analysis, weighting survey data, factor analysis, and some more on data visualization. I'll update this page eventually with more lessons, but feel free to email me in the meantime for any particular tutorials or resources you'd like to see.